About DVS

Dharma Vardhiny Sabha (DVS) is a spiritual organization. The main objective is to spread Sanaatan Dharma Worldwide. DVS strongly believes in a non-sectarian philosophy that transcends all boundaries and religions. Join the holy DVS movement with your family especially the children and experience the divine knowledge and blessings. By becoming a true seeker of knowledge, you will experience the peace, the bliss, the contentment and be able to revitalize your mind and body. The Headquarter of DVS is situated near highly revered Maa Gnana Saraswati temple on the Banks of Godavari River at Basar.

DVS in its pursuit to propagate Sanaatan Dharma performs various spiritual activities in Homams, yagnas, Vedadhyan, Upanayam for the Children and Utsavams on Holy days in Magha maasam, Guru Purnima etc., which are accented in our Vedic scriptures.

The Brahmi Sevanotsavam program is being organized by Dharma Vardhiny Sabha in Magha Maasam, every year. The program is into its 20th Anniversary, this year. The fervor and faith exhibited by the participants in Brahmi Sevanotsavam every year, shows the growing inclination of the Society to gain the knowledge for strengthening themselves. It is on a very high positive note on every year. Sanaatana Dharma always prevails to give rise to a peaceful, knowledgeable contented society to the mankind.

In the wake of present Holy Pushkara time of Holy Godavari River, DVS performs highest degree of Veda Kratuvu i.e., "Athyagnistoma Maha Soma Yagam" at Naimisaranyam Yagashala at Basar to seek blessings of the Divine Lords shower over our Telugu Land and it is contextual to submit that this kind of Yagam of highest degree is being performed at Veda Vyasa Peetam at Basar for the first time. It attains high significance as Soma Yagam is performed at the foot hills of Sri Veda Vyasa caves, where rishi did his tapasya.

DVS Guru garu