What is Yagna

The term ‘Yagna’, forming the backbone of the Vedic school of philosophy, is commonly interpreted as a religious rite and it literally meaning ‘to offer’. Traditionally, a ritualistic fire ceremony in which various...

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What is Somayagam

Soma yagam is a highly spiritual and effective ritual performed as prescribed in the Vedas. This lasts for six days. This Yagam is called Soma Yagam because Soma rasam (juice) is used as the main oblation....

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Importance of Yagna

The ancient science of bioenergy given through the Vedas states that there are numberless billions of solar systems of which our planet is a tiny speck. The layer of useful atmosphere surrounding our......

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23rd Annual Brahmi Sevanotsavam
Athyagnistoma Maha Soma Yagam (Day-02) Holy Fire 30 ft
Somayagam schedule-Telugu
SomaYagam schedule Telugu
DVS Guru garu

About DVS

Dharma Vardhiny Sabha (DVS) is a spiritual organization. The main objective is to spread Sanaatan Dharma Worldwide. DVS strongly believes in a non-sectarian philosophy that transcends all boundaries and religions. Join the holy DVS movement with your family especially the children and experience the divine knowledge and blessings. By becoming a true seeker of knowledge, you will experience the peace, the bliss, the contentment and be able to revitalize your mind and body. The Headquarter of DVS is situated near highly revered Maa Gnana Saraswati temple on the Banks of Godavari River at Basar.

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Somayagam schedule-Sanskrit
SomaYagam schedule Sanskrit